New Year Tragedy
[[L&S Mission1|300px]]
Viceport at night
Vital statistics
Game L&S MiniLogo
For British Firms
Location Viceport, Vice City
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted
Rewards N/A
Protagonist(s) Thomas Kingston
Previous Next
N/A Arrival
"People said that this can trigger a world war, but, everything was alright right now"
―Haitian gang member
New Year Tragedy is the introductory mission in Light & Shadow, which involves the protagonists Thomas Kingston. It is set in Viceport in December 31, 2016.



Thomas Kingston and his buddies, Jack Albrighton and Alexis Perez were sended by the British Firms to a deal involving a "super weapon" with the Haitians. They stole it from Merryweather Security branch in Vice City recently and don't know how to use it. So they decide to sell it to the highest bid.

The British however, have a different plan. They want to get the weapon without losing their money. The three conman ordered to keep the deal's talk long enough while they call the authorities to come there and ruin the deal. When the deal gone wrong, they must steal the weapon. In reality, things really gone wrong.



Mission Objectives