Locations: Several headquarters worldwide
Leaders: Lincoln Jones
Type: International terrorism group
Organized crime syndicate
Enemies: Law Enforcers around the Globe
Affiliations: N/A
Colors: Purple, Green
Vehicles: Any vehicles at their disposal
Weapons: Any weapons at their disposal
Businesses: Organized crime
Fronts: Lombak Tower
Members: N/A

NightHawk is an international terrorism group featured in King of the Hill and briefly mentioned in many GTA games.

Not be confused with several other things with the same name.


Not much information on NightHawk exists. It is known that it exists as an international organized crime syndicate and as a terrorism group. Their telephone communication is untraceable, and their monetary transactions are extremely difficult to trace. The organization is virtually a ghost.

Thier leader, Lincoln Jones , has been identified, but has not been found.

NighHawk is very classy and well organized group, and strikes more similarities with governments than other terrorist groups. 

Events in King of The Hill

Lincoln Jones, the leader of the organziation, has followed Miklos Lipton's every step during his journey to become the ruler of Los Santos' underworld. He decides Miklos is suitable for breaking in the Bollingbroke penitentiary and blow up its east wing.

Jones test Miklos first and then gives the assingment. With the help of his father, Michael, Miklos succeedes. Short after the heist, Miklos's friend Perry Harris betrays him and takes Miklos' empire from him. Lincoln thinks that Miklos after all isn't as great as he thought, so instead of rewarding him for the job, he puts a bounty on Lipton.

During Miklos and Perry's final confrontation, Perry calls the NightHawk hit squad to kill Miklos, but fail. After the story, Miklos tells Cpt. Otto Matic, that he's going to find Jones.

Role in Grand Theft Auto

NightHawk played a big role in King of The Hill, but the organization's name has been briefly mentioned in many GTA games.

NightHawk Strike Forces

NightHawk has its own group of highly-trained soldiers that are always ready for action. Their duties include doing the organization's dirty work and working as a bodyguards for the high ranking members, supporters, and associates.

These warriors are multi-racial and include both men and women. They wear green and purple clothes.


As stated, there's not much information of NightHawk members nor their associates.

Mission Appearances

North Yankton Stories

King of The Hill

Killer Instincts

  • Garbage Day
  • Clueless
  • Doctor Is In
  • Importance
  • The Raid
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