Harry:"Hey Dave,how about we have some fun tonight,come to my place and let hangout"

David:"K Harry,see ya there"

-David and Harry

Night Off is the third storyline mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist David Hudson by Harry Luger.

Unlocks: Street Rumble

Unlock by: Detour


Mission Description

The mission start after a phone call from Harry. Harry said he want to have some fun in his night off so David and Harry drive around Luken but being attack by Harry's rival,Rusty,a rival drug dealer. David need to escort Harry safely to his home before he get kill.


You need to find a vehicle first then head to Harry's place. After Harry enter the car,drive him through Del Ro Street,Quine,Luken Downtown and lastly Blue Dim District where Harry forget that it is his rival's place,Rusty. Unfortunately,Rusty's worker see them and start to shoot them and chase them. A damage meter will appear and if the car is fully damage before you got to escort Harry back to his place,the car explode and the mission fail. After you escort him,he said thank you and quickly enter his house.


  • Find a vehicle.
  • Drive to Harry's place.
  • Drive through Del Ro Street,Quine,Luken Downtown and Blue Dim District.
  • Escort Harry safely from Rusty's people.


There are no reward for this mission but the next mission,Street Rumble is unlock.

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