Night Out
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Thomas Lipton
Location Thomas' apartment, Vescpucci Beach
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Thomas is killed
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Ride to Hell Casual Walk

Night Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Thomas Lipton.


Miklos visits his safehouse AKA his cousin Thomas' apartment. Thomas stands by the living room window:

  • Thomas: Miklos..
  • Miklos: *Sigh* No, we can not.
  • Thomas: We cannot what?
  • Miklos: I know you were about to suggest we go hang out.
  • Thomas: Hang out? Oo! That's even better idea than mine! I was gonna suggest we look family pothos. Ah, brilliant idea, Miklos!
  • Miklos: My first answer still stands, though.
  • Thomas: AW! Come on! You could use a night out in the glamorous Los Santos! I could at least.. Listen, you can compensate your mistakes by taking me out tonight.
  • Miklos: What mistakes?
  • Thomas: Well, for example, that one time you let A PSYCHOPATH INTO MY HOUSE.
  • Miklos: A sociopath, Tom.
  • Thomas: Same thing, different word in front of the path.
  • Miklos: *Sigh* Alright, Tom. We're going for a night out. On one condition.
  • Thomas: Which is?
  • Miklos: You stop whining. *Opens the door*
  • Thomas: But we still can go another time, yes?
  • Miklos: WE WILL SEE. Let's roll..

Miklos gets in his car, Thomas soon follows. During the drive:

  • Miklos: And the second condition; I choose where we go.
  • Thomas: Aw, yeesh. It better not be a shooting range, sex club or drug lair then.
  • Miklos: What's the best bar 'round here?
  • Thomas: Depending on the point of view of a simple townfolk like me, or the most appreciated celebrities?
  • Miklos: Well, where do you usually go if you want to get drunk and laid?
  • Thomas: Strange question. Is that your view of a fun night out?
  • Miklos: Tom, I do NOT want to spend a night in some bitchass hipster coffee shop and then go rollerskate or some shit.
  • Thomas: So, our evening will consist of booze, beer, liquore and cheap women. Fantastic. Next time is my turn to choose.
  • Miklos: Good luck with that.

They arrive in Pink Sandwich and the player objective is to drink head full.

After getting drunk, Miklos and Thomas stagger out of the club:

  • Thomas: I.. I waz wron..wrong 'bout ya, cousin.. You DO know how to have a fun evening.. you're.. you're the real funmaster..
  • Miklos: Why, thank you, T. Th-that was very nice to hear.. especially from a one whiny sonova bitch like youuuuu...
  • Thomas: Damn, staright! And.. where're those hookers ya promised?
  • Miklos: Oh, fuck I don't know.. don't know.. know.. they were here a moment ag- ag..o.. Perhapsssh they flew away?
  • Thomas: Shit.. we better go after 'em.. where's ya car? *Stumbles on a man*
  • Man1: 'Ey! Whatcha step, pendejo! *Pushes Thomas*
  • Man 2: Bitchass motha fucka.
  • Thomas: And who's thish? Friends of yoursh, M?
  • Miklos: Who? These porn star wannabes?
  • Man 1: Porn star?
  • Miklos: Yes. Why else would you have so much make-up?
  • Man 2: 'Ey, fucka! *Pushes Miklos* I ain't wearin' no make-up, pendejo!
  • Man 1: Don't ya have any idea who we are, bitch?
  • Miklos: Hey, T, can ya help these fellas, they don't know who they are.
  • Man 1: Cockface! *Pulls a gun*

Miklos grabs the gun and shoots the men.

  • Thomas: MIKLOS, FUCK!?
  • Miklos: The porn stars tried to attack me!
  • Thomas: Oh, man, there're their pals!
  • Miklos: *Sees their pals* Oh, yeah. Who would've guessed how many porn stars you see in one night.
  • Thomas: Where's the car? We must find the car!
  • Miklos: Yeah. The piece is empty, and I don't wanna waste my own bullets on those guys.. Let's go..

Miklos and Thomas escape their chasers. They get in Miklos' car and drive back to Thomas' apartment:

  • Thomas: *Gets out of the car* Oh, man.. The world spins like a record baby... round.. round.. round... round..
  • Miklos: Let's get some sleep.
  • Thomas: Aw, yeesh, I can't climb up all those stairs.. I'm sleeping in the garage.. *Gets in the garage* Good night.
  • Miklos: Don't let the bed bugs bite. *Walks up the stairs and gets in his bed* What a night out..


  • New Weapon: Vintage Pistol


  • Get in your car
  • Find a bar
  • Get to the car
  • Go back to Thomas' house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete in 5:00
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