"OK, you need to steal the Rhino tank from Fort 69. I'm planning on leveling the shit outta that old ass eCola warehouse. Be ready for some action though!"
―Jack explaining the job.
No Tanks for the Memories is the third mission of Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Reward: $50

Unlocks: Beware of the Bodyguard

Unlocked by: The Drug Deal

Mission Description

Jack is going to destroy the abandoned eCola warehouse with a Rhino tank, so Mark is ordered to run off with one from Fort 69. He is given a Rocket Launcher, due to the gates being locked.

Mark arrives at Fort 69, and has a war with the military. He steals the tank, and avoids the police and military.


Go to the "J" marked on your radar, which will lead to Jack's apartment. When you walk into the yellow marker in front of the door, Jack will give an explanation of the job. He is going to destroy the old, abandoned eCola warehouse with a Rhino tank, and hands Mark an RPG to destroy the locked gates.

Make your way to Fort 69, and destroy the gates with the Rocket Launcher Jack gifted you. After you have wrecked it, you will get an automatic 5 stars once you enter. Many military vehicles such as Barracks OL, Crusader, Patriot, and 4 Rhinos will give you a chase, so be wary. Steal either four of the Rhinos, and lose the cops. It's recommended you go to a Pay N' Spray or use the Wanted Down cheat, which is easier.

After you have cleared your wanted level, make it back to Jack's garage, and park it inside of there. Mission Complete.


  • Go to Fort 69.
  • Destroy the gates with your rocket launcher.
  • Steal a Rhino tank. There are four of them guarding the base, so steal either one.
  • Lose the cops.
  • Head back to Jack's garage.
  • Park the tank inside the garage.


Upon completing this mission, you'll get an automatic phone call from Jack, and asks the protagonist if he wants to play air hockey with him "just like the good ol' days". The next mission Beware of the Bodyguard is also unlocked.

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