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Noob Central
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: BlueTech Employer
Location: BlueTech, Caldwell
Target: Heist crew
Conditions of mission failure: BlueTech employees killed
Heist crew get away
Killing Burger Shot employees or customers
Reward: $5000 and a Revolver
Unlocks: OMG
Unlocked by: KISS

Noob Central is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to the player Samantha Douglas by the BlueTech Employer.


Samantha is told thanks to her contribution to the website; they were able to acquire more employees and are meeting them at Burger Shot in White Oaks Hill. He tells her that he wants her help discussing the terms of employment and code of conduct.

He tells her to meet him their and as such she arrives in own time where she waits for him to arrive. They go into the Burger Shot and sit with new Employees and begin telling them the code of conduct before heist crew burst through the door and knocks out the BlueTech employer while killing a service dog after it tries to attack them.

Using quick reflexes; Samantha manages to get a hold of one of the heist crew members and uses him as a shield in order to takedown the other robbers before knocking him out. Samantha is actions are declared to be self-defence and as a defence for others and as such she isn't charged by the cops and is allowed to leave.


  • Go to Burger Shot.

After the cutscene; the player can use their personal vehicle to go to Burger Shot or steal another vehicle. While on her way; she is phoned by Tristan asking if she can find away to get the cops off and she simply responds by saying that she'll work something out.

  • Attack the Robber.

Using button-mashing and quick-time events; the player is instructed to grab the Robber and use him as shield in order takedown the other crew members.

  • Kill the other Robbers.

While holding the robber as a shield; the player takes down the other robbers while avoiding the customers and employees. Samantha will then automatically knock out the robber she is using as shield and results in a cutscene. After the cutscene; Samantha leaves Burger Shot and the mission is complete as a result.


  • Service Dog - Killed by a robber for trying to attack the Heist Crew
  • All but one Robber - Killed in self-defence and to protect the BlueTech Employees.


Samantha is allowed to keep the Revolver and is given $5000 by as thank you for stopping the Heist Crew as they've been after the crew for a long time before she requests that the arrest warrant for her brother to lifted.