• Wally Haaygaard goes on a empty desolated stretch of Road covered in snow a diner sits idly in the background. Wally finds a group of haaygard bodyguards And then kills them. Wally finds Bill and gets into a car with him. Wally drives to the Safehouse with Bill.

Mission Objectives

  • Go to a empty disolated road.
  • Make it blow away the loose snow.
  • Find the torso of a body.
  • Find what happened.
  • Get out of the car
  • Push it into the lake.
  • Kill the Haygaards.
  • Get into the car with Bill Haygaard.
  • Drive to the Safehouse.


  • The Player will earn a Safehouse for completing the mission and then he will earn 1000$ and then the mission Bar is unlocked.