Not Secret!
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Frank Siff
Location IIA Building
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Security is alerted
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
Hold Your Breath N/A
Frank Siff: "Anyways, you gotta help me out, man! Get a chopper, glue your hands and climb up the wall or something, but you gotta help me out of here, man!"
Miklos Lipton: "No, Frank... Just... Sigh... No... Just no... No."
Frank Siff and Miklos Lipton
Not Secret! is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill, given to Miklos Lipton by Frank Siff, being also his last mission.


Some time after his last mission, Frank will give Miklos a call, telling he can't talk for long and he needs Miklos immediately at the IAA building.

Miklos arrives at the IAA HQ and begins to wait for Frank. He soon calls again and reveals he's currently in IIA's interrogation room and is being questioned about his shenanigans as a secret agent. Miklos is puzzled, as Frank has claimed to be working for the IIA. Frank suspects his employers have been brainwashed as they seem not to remember Frank is on their payroll.

Miklos begins to understand, and suspect everything Frank says. When Frank asks him to come and free him, Miklos declines. Frank then threatens to tell his interrogators about Miklos and his involvement in Frank's missions. Miklos then has 2 choices:

Option 1

Not believing the IAA will take anything Frank says seriously, Miklos can simply leave the area, completing the mission. Frank is never heard from again.

Option 2

Or, to make sure Frank stays silent, Miklos can sneak into the IAA building and kill him.

Miklos knocks out a nearby cleaning woman and puts on her clothes. He then proceeds to the 10th floor of the IAA building and finds Frank in the interrogation room. Frank thinks Miklos has come to save him, but instead Miklos shoots him in the throat with a silenced pistol. Miklos then picks up Frank's parachute from the evidence table and jumps out of the window, parachuting to safety.

A couple in-game days later, Weasel News report that Frank Siff's mother is going to sue the IAA for killing her mentally ill son.


Option 1.

  • None

Option 2.

  • Cleaner costume


  • Leave the area OR pay Frank a visit

Option 2.

  • Knock out the cleaning woman
  • Get to the 10th floor
  • Proceed to the interrogation room
  • Execute Frank Siff
  • Pick up the parachute
  • Jump out of the window

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales - Kill Frank Siff


  • The fact that the objective to get the gold medal in this mission requires the player to kill Frank could suggest that he's canonically supposed to die in this mission.