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Olivia Morgan
Olivia Morgan ALPHA
Olivia Morgan (BETA)
Biographical information
Full name Olivia Morgan
Real name (BIRTH) Olivia Wilson
Nickname(s) Liv
Born San Fierro, 1990
(Age: 26)
Family James Morgan - (Husband)
Jack Morgan (father-in-law)
Unnamed Parents.
Physical description
Hair Black, Dyed Purple
Eyes Emerald
Career information
Affiliations James Morgan
David Hudson
Jack Morgan
Other information
Appears in Grand Theft Auto: Revenge

Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory

Olivia Morgan (née Wilson) is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series and is one of the playable characters in Grand Theft Auto: Revenge


Olivia was born in San Fierro and went to Bullworth Academy, she does not enjoy killing people and only does it in self defence.

Characters Killed by Olivia Morgan



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