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On Shaky Ground
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: "Posh" Ian Genoverse
Location: Axel Drive, Mercer City
Target: Yutes/Triad Drug Deal
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Stowaway
Unlocked by: Clear the Farm

On Shaky Ground is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by "Posh" Ian Genoverse to Tristan Kirby.


Ian meets with Tristan and tries to get a cigarette from him but learns that Tristan doesn't smoke due to Nicotine allergies and Isaac ordered him not to supply any drugs of any kind including nicotine. Ian mentions that the Johnston County Triads and the Yutes are planning to have a drug deal at the Shaky Ground Mill - a Fabric Mill - and Isaac wants the drugs stolen. Tristan asks where the Mill is and Ian tells that it is located in E-E. Tristan agrees to acquire the drugs and contacts Isaac to ask where the drugs have to be dropped and tells him in a soldier in Cue.

Tristan arrives at the Mill and learns that the Open/Close Bikers have sided with the Yutes and is forced battle against the Bikers, Yutes, and Triads in order to steal the drugs. He is confronted by Hunter Greyson who tells him that he has received a quite the payment in order to bring him down from Vincent Douglas. Hunter reveals that he wants vengeance for losing his club and their allies the Kloud Krew. Tristan escapes from the Bikers and is able to drop off the drugs to the Mob soldier.


  • Go to the Shaky Ground Mill.
  • Take out the gangsters!
  • Steal the Drugs.
  • Escape from the bikers!
  • Meet the Mobsters.


  • Triads, Bikers, and Yutes - Murdered in order to ambush the Drug Deal and steal the merchandise.


Tristan receives $4000 after completing the mission and unlocks Stowaway.

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