Harry: "Hey David!I need your help against Rusty again, he going an all-out war!My business is fucked if he succeeds"

David: "Where the place?"

Harry: "Duin's Pier,let go!"

- Harry and David heading to the pier

One Heck of A War is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protagonist David Hudson by his drug dealer friend, Harry Luger from his house in Luken.

Location: Harry's House, Del Ro Street, Luken

For: Harry Luger

Rewards: $1200

Unlocks: Smooth Escape and Searching Meths?(If Lao is spared after the shootout)

Unlock by: Going Shopping


David needs to help Harry against Rusty who is doing an all-out war against Harry in Duin Pier. According to Harry, the pier is used to smuggle drugs so Harry needs it to smuggle drugs easier.


David head to the pier and Rusty's people already attacking. Harry order David to go to the front line to protect the pier. Lao, a drug dealer under Rusty control, start shooting minigun forcing the player to dodge as the player could not kill Lao due to him hiding in some place and start shooting randomly meaning David need to survive the shootout while dodging Lao's bullet but eventually, he run out of bullet and David has the choice to spare him or not, if the player do, a random encounter gonna be unlock. The shootout ends with Harry side being the winner, Harry thanks David and give him some money. He left and the mission is completed.


  • Go to the Pier.
  • Wipeout Rusty's men.
  • There someone shooting minigun, dodge it while killing Rusty's man.
  • Spare or kill Lao.


The shootout appear in the news and the pier is now one of Harry's territory, the next mission is also unlocked.


  • Before the mission, the pier is not one of the territories that the placer it could take over.