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Open/Close MC
Open Close
Locations: Caldwell
Johnston County
Leader: Hunter Greyson
Type: Outlaw Motorcycle Gang
Enemies: iCentral Hoods
Heartworks Mob
Johnston County Triads (formerly)
Affiliations: Kloud Krew
Johnston County Triads
Colors: Green/Red/Yellow
Vehicles: Freeway
Weapons: Pistol
Micro SMG
Sawn-off Shotgun
Businesses: Drug Dealing/Smuggling
Arms Trafficking
Organ Harvesting/Dealing
Fronts: Open/Close Club

The Open/Close MC is an Outlaw Motorcycle Club situated in Caldwell and Johnston County.


The Open/Close MC is considered one of the lowest Motorcycle Clubs in terms of their business style which includes Organ harvesting and dealing. As such they looked down upon by most over OMCs and even prominent Crime Syndicates like the Heartworks Mob. They mostly ride with members of the Kloud Krew and assist them against the Hoods and Naklengs.

They also work as Security for Open/Close Club.

After the the Open/Close Club is taken over by the Mob; they are forced to team up with the Yutes to get revenge on Tristan. They first attempt to take him down during the BAWSAQ Job after receiving a tip from an unknown source.

Mission appearances