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Order Six
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Enzo Douglas
Location: Pizza This, Near Pines, Caldwell
Target: Customer
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Customer dies
Reward: $25
Unlocks: Loving Husband
Unlocked by: Ride-Along

Order Six is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to the player Tristan Kirby by Enzo Douglas.


Tristan meets Enzo at the employee's Car Park and learns that a client as failed to pay for his delivery. Tristan asks if there's a way to get him to pay and Enzo tells him that there are no legal ways to make him talk prompting Tristan to ask what he does as a hobby.

After learning that the Customer likes the skateboard. Tristan comes up with plan and heads off to Burning Patch to find him currently doing stunts in the middle of the road and decides to sabotage the customer and force him into injuring himself in order to get him to pay.

Tristan moves the opposite ramp slightly back and causes the customer to stack on the road and break his leg. Tristan promises to call the ambulance if he pays for his pizza.

After receiving the payment; Tristan can leave without calling the ambulance or call the ambulance and leave before heading off to Pizza This to complete the mission.


  • Go to Burning Patches.

Player is instructed headed to Burning Patches in order to meet with the customer and get him to pay for his Pizza. The player can choose any method to get to Burning Patches but taking a Ventoso is the better option as the player won't get a wanted level.

  • Move the ramp.

Upon arrival; the player finds that the customer is already skateboarding and Tristan considers sabotaging him by moving the opposite ramp so that the customer would stack and injure himself.

  • Confront the customer.

After the customer is injured; the player simply has to walk up to him to confront him where Tristan offers his help if he pays for his Pizza.

  • Leave the area or call an ambulance.

The player can either choose to call an ambulance or leave the customer after receiving the payment. Neither decision greatly affect the storyline as the only change is that the player won't be allowed to ride the Pizza This Ventosos anymore.

  • Return to Pizza This.

After deciding want to with the customer; the player can return to Pizza This an face either scolding from Enzo's employer for his decision to leave an injured person behind or simply be scolded for his tactics in getting the money.


If the player leaves the customer; they'll lose the ability to use the Pizza This Ventoso but they are still paid $25 and open doing so they automatically switch to Samantha Douglas for the next missions.