Captain Otto Matic
Appearance(s): GTA: King of The Hill
Also known as: Sergeant, Captain, Cap
Status: Alive
Date of birth: 1959
Place of birth: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Daisy (Sister)
Main affiliation: Merryweather Security
Vehicle(s): Mesa
Businesses: Sergeant (Later Captain) in Merryweather
"Now listen, Lipton. You don't like me and I hate you. It's a rule. If you got something to say, you withhold it, I'm not interested to listen. Because I'm your superior officer and half-deaf and the last thing I need is soldier's advice."
―Otto Matic

Captain Otto Matic is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in King of The Hill.


Otto serves as a sergeant in Merryweather Security, a private military company and security contractor. He is a middle-aged craggy and determined officer, who constantly expresses his disgust towards inferior soldiers and has a dark sense of humor. His only known relative is his sister Daisy, who he regularly chats with on a phone.

Events in King of The Hill

Prior the events of the game, Perry Harris recommends Otto to offer a job in the company for Miklos Lipton. Matic is abreast of Miklos' military past and obeys. Miklos accepts the offer.

Matic doesn't like Miklos' careless attitude a one bit, and commands him to do various jobs and challenges from the beginning. Due to Miklos' skills, Otto tasks him with the most crucial missions, including bringing down stolen Merryweather cargo plane, guarding a train transporting valuable cargo and going to the Kortz Center to take down a few IAA agents.

Otto is completely unaware of Miklos' quest to become the greatest criminal in Los Santos, until Perry betrays Miklos and frames him being behind all the recent failures and misfortunes of Merryweather. Otto is convinced, fires Miklos and promotes Perry s loyal to Perry in order to take over the company. The truth is dawned on Otto, and Perry challenges Miklos to stop him and save Matic. With the help of his friends, Miklos manages to save Otto from his captors and kills Perry. for revealing the guilty.

Sometime later, when Miklos seeks revenge on Perry, Otto is taken hostage by Perry, NightHawk and Merryweather mercenaries loyal to Perry in order to take over the company. The truth is dawned on Otto, and Perry challenges Miklos to stop him and save Matic. Perry escapes to Mount Chilliad, abandons Matic along the way, and is killed by Miklos.


After the events of KoTH, Otto calls Miklos and offers to give his job back with a promotion, who promises to think about it.

After the events of GTA V, Merryweather loses clearance to operate in on American soil and is forced to disband, which leads Otto to lose his job.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill


  • His name is a wordplay from word automatic.
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