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I go to the club and I see girls, and I think of my daughter. It's disgusting.
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Out Of Circulation
Out Of Circulation
Vital statistics
Game The After Dark Scene
For Armin Van de Corput
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards 1000$
Protagonist(s) Armin Van de Corput
Tijs Bergling
Previous Next
Patience Is A Virtue Who's Afraid of 138?

Out Of Circulation is the fourth mission in The After Dark Scene stand-alone expansion for Grand Theft Auto, which involves the protagonists, Armin Van de Corput and Tijs Bergling.


After a long stretch of doing bills and balancing bank accounts, Armin is startled by a bell ring at the door. Nessa says she cannot get it, and Armin mumbles under his breath as he stands from his chair. He opens the door with his right hand because his left is wielding his pistol. The character on the other side is Tijs Bergling with freshly plucked flowers in his hands.

After a brief discussion, Armin scares Tijs away with a hintable threat. Unaltered, Tijs decided to prove his worth as a gentleman, even if that means he has to steal a tailor made suit and threaten the garçon for a table. He returns later with reservations to a "lovely" restaurant and a "new" suit to prove he is a gentleman.

Mission Transcript

We see a distraught Armin, hands perching his head up, a dim light illuminating him. Bills and paychecks, drafts and letters: All things he is frustrated with. Armin is also used to the old style of mailing, and abstains from electronics when ever he can (he barely understands smartphones).

The doorbell rings, and within a second, Nessa calls out from the living room that she cannot get it, as she is busy watching her latest soap-opera. Annoyed, Armin approaches the door, armed, and is surprised by the figure behind it. Tijs is surprised to see Armin, too; they speak.
"Uh, uh... hello Mr. Corps, I'm here to pick up your daughter..."
"Who the hell are you? And are those my white Lilies?""
"Well, yeah. I saw them in your garden and they looked romantic."
"Romantic? They are for funerals. For dead people."
Armin places his sidearm in the run behind his pants and opens the door fully, taking a step forward and grabbing the makeshift bouquet. He raises them to see the ruined stems of his past time hobby, whilst Tijs scratches the back of his head.
"My name is Tijs, I uh... met your daughter on Riisk..."
"Spell it."
"Not T-A-C-E? You Dutch, boy?"
"Grandad moved here in his youngers, yeah. Share his name."
Armin, naturally, dislikes the man willing to take his daughter out, but finds a homely respect in the fact that he is of a Dutch descendent. Very protective and not convinced, Armin berates the young man.
"I'm also Dutch, and back in the homeland, a father only gives his daughter out to a gentleman; someone he would be proud to take over after he is gone. You, with your slicked back hair, fake tan, and summer muscles aren't worthy of taking my place."
Armin takes one of his crumpled lilies, and hands it to him. Also, he reaches into his pocket and tosses a small metallic object.
"Here, catch this."
"Uhh... Mr. Corps... why did you just throw me a bullet?"
"Well, don't worry about that, just get the fuck out of here and return with some dignity, as I am willing to give you a chance, flikker."
Tijs has a confused face, and steps back as he sees Armin reach behind him and withdraw a large revolver. Armin presents it and aims it at Tijs.
"...or I guarantee you wont catch the next bullet, and that lily will be on your headstone."


As Armin

  • Scare away Tijs by filling the 'Terror' Bar.
  • Change to Tijs

As Tijs

  • Takedown and steal the Gentleman's clothes
  • Drive to the restaurant
  • Drive to the Corput's house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Mission Time: Complete the mission within 2:30 minutes.


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