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Leader: Audrey Harding
Type: Christian Extermist Cell
Enemies: FIB
Bureau of Narcotics
Colors: Varies
Vehicles: Varies;
Black Terrorbytes
Red A-Types
White B-Types
Green T-Rex
Yellow Bugs
White Big Bugs
Weapons: Carbine Rifle
Special Carbine
Rocket Launchers
Businesses: Cyberterrorism
Members: Pandora

#PURIFIERS is a Christian Extremist Cell known for their Cyberterrorism. They featured in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf.


#PURIFIERS first began in the 50's but as a small organisation before becoming a Cyberterrorist cell with extreme Christian views. They known to attack heavy metal singers, LGBT people, and anyone that goes against their views.

They primarily hunted by the FIB CyberCrime Division and often recruit anyone with good hacking skills directly from prisons or other inmates. They have also been known to attack murderers be transferring all their money into an offshore account and make it forcing murderers into bankruptcy.

Mission appearances