Perry's Faction
Locations: Blaine County, Los Santos
Leader: Perry Harris
Enemies: Miklos Lipton
Affiliations: NightHawk
Colors: Black
Vehicles: Mesa
Weapons: SMG
Carbine Rifle
Grenade Launcher
Fronts: Fort Zancudo
Members: Perry Harris
Victor Sax
Many Merryweather mercenaries

Perry Harris Inc. (AKA Perry's Faction) is a splinter faction of Merryweather Security and serves as the major antagonistic group in King of The Hill.

The gang is made up of Merryweather mercenaries loyal to Perry Harris, a manipulative corporal of the organization.


Perry Harris Incorporated was a splinter faction of Merryweather Security that Perry Harris formed after he betrayed Miklos Lipton, took over his businesses and was promoted to corporal by Captain Otto Matic.

Before that, in 2012 Perry Harris (real name Tony Meech) was Miklos Lipton's partner in Afghanistan and supposedly died during a failed operation. In reality, Tony was only badly injured and instead of revealing his survival, he decided to take revenge on Miklos, whom he blamed for his injuries. Taking a false name Perry Harris, Tony returned to the US and got a work in Merryweather.

A year later, Miklos also got work in Merryweather. Perry became a friend of Miklos and manipulated him to try to become the ultimate crime lord of Los Santos. Lipton, who always wanted to make a difference and have power, fame and money, agreed.

Perry's plan was to later betray Miklos and take over his empire to show him what it feels like to be alone in the cold world with no allies. He formed his group to help him also take over the Merryweather.

Miklos, angry at Perry's betrayal, decided to take back what's his. Miklos killed his former ally, Victor Sax, now working for Perry, and attacked in Fort Zancudo after Perry had challenged him to come and stop him. Perry's Faction tried to stop Miklos from reaching Perry, with the help of NightHawk.

After Perry and his henchmen's death, the faction was no more.


Mission Appearances

King of The Hill

  • Final Task
    • No Easy Way Out (Wiped out)
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