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Peter Pines
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles
Also known as: Pinesy
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1961
Place of birth: Los Santos
Date of death: 2014 (Age 53)
Nationality: American
Main affiliation: NightHawk
Bison Ukrainian Mafia
Businesses: Multi millionaire and businessman
Me and Los Santos are like brothers. He is the violent one with behavior disorder and I take care of him the best I can.
―Peter Pines

Peter Pines is a multi billionare and businessman who appears as a main character in Los Santos Chronicles - Killer Instincts and Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment.


Peter Pines is a multi billionare living in Los Santos. Pines recieved his fortune from his father, but having superior businessman skills compared to him, Peter has since tripled his assets. He's one of the most remarkable secret funders of an international terrorism group NightHawk.

Events in Los Santos Chronicles

In 2014, Pines meets hitman MacDonald Dalton while associating with NightHawk. MacDonald has stolen important documents involving Pines, in orders of Lincoln Jones. Dalton brings the documents to Pines, who in return promises to help Mac on his quest finding his archenemy, the Swine Slaughterer.

Info about Crime/Punishment will be added soon

Pines employs both Dalton and Tederev while searching the information they desire. These jobs include sending Mac to kill Dr. Zokkuux, NightHawk drug manufacturer, in order to prevent their latest drug hitting the streets, WIP... But Peter Pines won't live happily forever after. While Mac and Lloyd are on a co-op mission, Pines is murdered by Swine Slaughterer and his computer is destroyed. Mac is the first one to discover Peter's corpse, also noticing Slaughterer's calling card. Mac furiously throw's Pines' computer out of the window and leaves the scene. Lloyd arrives later, assumes Mac has killed Pines, and curses in rage.

Dalton and Tederev both lose an important supporter and Pines' fortune and assets' fate remains unknown.

Mission Appearances

Killer Instincts

  • Importance
  • Overruled (Boss)
  • Laundered (Boss)
  • Devastation (Boss)
  • Last Will (Boss/Death unseen)