Prologue is the first mission of Grand Theft Auto: The Vinewood Chronicles. It takes place in early 2015. It is the first mission with Marcus playable.


In early 2015 a drag race takes place between 5 cars. During the race, an African- American man takes the lead unknown to him 2 of the racers have dropped out, one crashing into a tree and the other's car loses control and throws him into a lake. The 3 remaining racers come up to three ramps they had set up next to a moving train. Two of the drivers manage to jump their cars through an empty train car, however, the other crashes into the train possibly dead. Suddenly cops appear and begin to pursue the racers. They manage to lose the first wave, however more swarm. The other racer then hits in the man's car, causing him to crash and flip onto the LS River. The man: revealed to be Marcus Dwayne, is then arrested by the police. Several months later a court scene is shown where Marcus is on trial for irresponsible driving, drag racing, and possible murder. When it seems like Marcus will be tried for a life sentence his lawyer, Ned Doyle appears and helps him win the case starting the main storyline.

Mission Objectives

Take the lead. Jump the train Lose the cops


Three Racers (possible) - Possibly killed when they crashed.