"Empty your mind and soul - Turn on the Radio!"
―Billboard sign in Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo

Radio in Grand Theft Auto: Vertigo is stripped down from that found in other titles, due to size limitations of handheld consoles. There are five stations in the game, yet none of these feature any voice tracks, being purely instrumental. Radio stations in vehicles can be changed through buttons on the touchscreen.

Despite set in 2005, Vertigo contains music from the future years. Because the game was developed and released in 2010s. Go ahead and sue us.


Plays electro/synthwave music. Named after the artist Perturbator.

Stelar FM

Plays electro swing and hop. Named after the artist Parov Stelar.


Plays post-rock music. Named after the band God is An Astronaut.


Plays instrumental funk.


Plays synthpop. Named after the band OMD.

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