This is an overview of Radio Stations in Grand Theft Auto: The After Dark Scene. Radio Stations can be accessed on foot via in-game phone. In Grand Theft Auto V, this was not a feature, while in The After Dark Scene, any radio station can be selected and streamed from the protagonists' smartphone.


These are the radio stations in The After Dark Scene. So far, there are 12 in-game radio stations:

Anarchy 1XX 103.7

   Classic Rock & Punk Rock 'n Roll with John Lydon

DanBro FM 103.12

   EDM, Electronica and Trap with DJ Danny Brown

Independence FM 90.7

   User Music Input with DJ Gary Sheen

Mothership 103.6

   Dubstep, Drum 'n' Bass Music with DJ Sonny Moore

Insidiae FM 92.9

   Conservative talk radio with DJs Alex Jones and Bill Burr

KOAN FM 103.9

   Electro House, Glitch-Hop with DJs KOAN Sound.

Las Venturas Scratch 93.6

   Modern Rap, East Coast Rap with DJ Kreayshawn.

.977 MainSTREAM 97.7

   Modern Pop Music with DJ Ellie Goulding

P.M.Я 100.3

   Alternative Rock with DJ Oliver S. Sykes

Playback FM 93.5

   80's/90's East Coast Rap with DJ AraabMuzik

Ram Jam FM 100.9

Reggae, Dancehall and Dub with DJ Busy Signal
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