Randall Jones
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 1954
Place of birth: New Hamilton City
Date of death: 1999 (Aged 45)
Home: Harwood , New Hamilton City (Formerly)

Branston , New Hamilton City

Nationality: American
Family: Kenny Jones (Brother)

Corey Jones (Brother)

Main affiliation: Jones Crime Family

Tommy Montana (Formerly)

Vehicle(s): Stretch

Buzzard (Stolen)

Businesses: Leader of The Jones Crime Family
"There's only one rule here, Kill or Be Killed. And I ain't gonna let some chump make me pick the latter."

Randall Jones is a central character and main antagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone


Randall was born in New Hamilton City in the year 1954, the first of three sons of Robert Jones. His family was very dysfuntional and Randall , Kenny & Corey grew up in a poverty struck neighbourhood. Their father Robert, was an ex-soldier in World War 2, but eventually became a wife beater and drunkad who left the family. Since they grew up in New Hamilton City, there was only one option available for the three. Crime. Whilst Kenny briefly had a job at Burger Shot, cleaning the fryers, Randall and Corey began a life of crime. Kenny quickly joined the two, however Randall looked down upon his brothers, especially Corey, and believed in a 'survival of the fittest' philosophy. 

In the late 70's/ early-mid 80's, the three managed to scrape together enough money from small time protection rackets, to form their own crime family. The intial plan was to fight back against NHC's violent and dangerous gangs, but Corey said Randall became 'too power hungry to see how it affected everyone around him'. This plan backfired and they became a well known criminal organisation, rivalling even the city's mafia families, mainly the Antonelli Family.

In 1989, the Jones Crime Family was out for recruits, and Randall was introduced to 21 year old Tommy Montana by his brother Corey who had brought him to the gang. However, Randall had and even by 1999 still has a grudge against Tommy, something that would set in motion the events of Danger Zone.

Events Of Danger Zone

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Police Database Information

MESSAGE FROM POLICE CHIEF GARY BANE: If for some reason there would be any issues with this certain individual, please contact me and I shall deal with it personally. 

Surname: Jones

First Name: Randall

Age: 45

Place Of Birth: New Hamilton City

Affiliations: Founder and leader of the Jones Crime Family.

Criminal Record:

  • 1974 - Burglary 
  • 1976 - Petit Larceny 
  • 1981 - Murder 
  • 1988 - Possession Of Controlled Substance: Heroin 
  • 1995 - Racketeering 
  • 1998 - Obstruction Of Justice 


  • Founding member and suspected leader of  the Jones Crime Family along with his brothers
  • Very short tempered.
  • Suspected of plotting to control New Hamilton City's organised crime