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The Ravenshoe is 4-door Automatic Sedan that is frequently seen in Caldwell and is more common their the Admiral.


The Emperor Ravenshoe is based around the Toyota Camry XV50 series. It has named after the Australian town of Ravenshoe and mostly uses sports wheel as its base design.


The base speed of the Ravenshoe is the same as the Admiral but following modifications it can become faster than a modified Admiral but its wide-size can sometimes a downfall of the car.

Notable owners


Symmoria variants

The Symmoria gang in Heartworks have three variants of the Ravenshoe. The first variant comes with Race brakes, dechromed front bumper, carbon rear bumper, dual titanium exhausts, vented carbon hoods, carbon roofs, and carbon wings while the vehicle is blue. The first variants can receive engine and armour upgrades compared to the other two variants. The second variant is White and Blue despite the Ravenshoe can only receive a primary spray and has the carbon wing spoiler while the third Variant is completely blue.

Combined variants

The Sharkshoe is a combined version of the Shark and Ravenshoe. It has a sharknose-hood while the rest of the body is the same. It has a slightly better handling but is more susceptible to impact/crash damage.