I never worked for the bills or the fortunate life. I worked for ME!
Raymond Cantonelli
Raymond Cantonelli
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Guns of The Night
Also known as: Ray
Mr. Money
Sting Ray
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: January 13, 1990 (age 28)
Place of birth: Downtown Vice City, Vice City
Home: Little Havana, Vice City
Nationality: Italian
Family: Sonny Cantonelli (father)
Claudia Zerino-Cantonelli (mother)
Francesco Cantonelli (brother)
Antonia Cantonelli (sister)
Main affiliation: Romano Family
Vehicle(s): Asterope
Blista Compact
Voiced by: James Franco

Raymond Gio Cantonelli is a young Mafioso who is a soldato of the Romano Family and is one of the 10 main characters in Grand Theft Auto: Guns of The Night. He is voiced and motion captured by James Franco.

Raymond was raised in the world of "classic crime", where his father was a mafioso and had a lot of money to handle for both himself, the mafia and his family. Raymond decided to handle it for him, but he has other stuff to deal with as well.

Early Life

Raymond was born January 13, 1990 in Downtown Vice City to former Mafioso Santino "Sonny" Cantonelli and to bartender Claudia Zerino. He is the youngest of three. He has an older brother and sister. Raymond is of Italian American descent and is a strong Roman Catholic. He goes to church on his time to spare.

As a kid, Raymond was a troublemaker, such as: breaking windows with friends, stealing stuff, fooling around, etc. This would make him end up suspended for a week from school. His behavior slightly changed after that week. However, Raymond, to this day, still causes trouble on the streets.

When he and his friends were walking down the street after eating at an Italian bakery in Vice Point, one of his friends bumped into five mafiosos by accident. Raymond and all three of his friends were kidnapped for a couple of hours. They managed to escape, but it is unknown how.

As Raymond reached high school in Grade 12, he was aware of his friends joining the mafia. Thinking twice, Raymond joined the mafia (specifically, The Romano Family). He made an oath to his new brothers/comrades to never turn his back on them. From then on, he and his friends were the youngest soldatos in the Mafia.

Life Today

Raymond currently lives in an apartment in Little Havana in Vice City. He is still in the Romano Family after 11 years in the Mafia. He has been in run-ins with the cops, Chinese, Irish, English, Spanish gangs and other Mafia gangs. Raymond also started to smoke, but he said "it's just the beginning".


Raymond is a trouble-making, intelligent, sneaky, gun-loving womanizer. He loves to cause trouble against his foes. He is very intelligent in planning heists, robberies, etc. He is also a sneaky person, believe it or not. He loves his Thompson Rifle and he loves the ladies, as the ladies love him back.


  • Raymond is 6'0
  • Raymond is into suits, like Carter Harrington.
  • Raymond's favorite food is pasta.
  • Raymond, as a kid, loved playing hockey and soccer.
  • Raymond has learned the story of Tommy Vercetti, from his father.
  • Raymond's fear is heights.
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