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Recon the Mansion
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Samantha Douglas
Location: Akula Hill, Caldwell
Target: Twine Heights Mansion
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Tristan dies
Conner dies
Attacking the security at Vincent's mansion
Reward: N/A
Unlocks: Mansion Raid Setup
Unlocked by: Cutting Ties

Recon the Mansion is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf that can be conducted by either protagonist for Samantha Douglas.


Samantha finds a man on LifeInvader known as Conner Mann and invites him over. She tells him about Vincent and immediately offers his help. He such just to Sam and Tristan to perform a raid on him by using fake evidence. Sam tells him of the emulator and ROM that she got from his computer and can plant on his computer in his mansion at Twine Heights. Conner makes the suggestion to take him up to the mansion in order to get an understanding of it. They get in Conner's Terrorbyte as he explain what they are going to do.

Sam drives him and Tristan up to the mansion and finds it guarded by Gruppe Sechs security and Conner has Sam to wait around to find the pattern in the Security's patrol. Sam sends out a drone to enter the house and observe the security's patrol pattern inside before using the drone to hack Vincent's computer and gain all his passwords.

They then drive off to an old warehouse in Wakewake and Conner proceeds to put together a plan and tells Sam and Tristan to return when he is ready to move on with the raid.


  • Go to Vincent's mansion.
  • Let Conner observe the guards.
  • Access the Drone.
  • Fly the drone into Vincent's mansion.
  • Observe the guards' patrol patterns.
  • Go to the Study room.
  • Hack the computer.
  • Use the Down&Out to access Vincent's password information.
  • Find an exit.
  • Head to the old warehouse.


There's no monetary reward for this mission and Mansion Raid Setup is unlocked.