Left Quotation Mark Nero
I just want cute bras, nice tattoos and a chance to see the world.
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Remy Van de Corput
Remy Van de Corput Art
Biographical information
Born November 23, 1997
Citizenship American
Physical description
Hair Brunette
Eyes Brown
Height 1.68m (5 6")
Weight 52 kg (114lbs.)
Career information
Occupation Student
Affiliations Armin Van de Corput
Nessa Van de Corput
Albert Meursault
Other information
Voice Tanner Mayes

Remy Van de Corput is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a supporting character in The After Dark Scene. Remy, eldest daughter of Armin and Nessa Van de Corput, is a spoiled private school student and internet personality, well-known for appearing in various web radios, podcasts, and for her own vlogging and social media output.


"Grr! I should punch you in your fucking four-eyes, bitch!"
―After arguing with Albert Meursault
"I just fucking, like, love chicken nuggets."
―Voicing her interests.
"Treated like a child, but expected to act like an adult. #fuckmylife"
Bleeter post.
"DAAD! Don't you knock? You know I need my quiet time when I'm doing my back therapy!"
―Being caught during her 'treatment'.