" The temporary owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport orders Joe to repossess a vehicle" - Description

"Repossession in America" is the fourth mission in Grand Theft Auto: Stories from San Andreas given to the protagonist, Joe Preest by Rhys for an unknown relative of Simeon Yaterian.


Joe arrives at Premium Deluxe Motorsport in Pillbox Hill. Rhys tells Joe that someone can get Joe some easy money. The unknown relative of Simeon requests Joe to repossess a white Buffalo from Vinewood Hills just before he repossess the Buffalo Franklin spots him and holds him at gunpoint Joe explains that he is new in Los Santos and is only doing what the owner of Premium Deluxe Motorsport is telling him to do, Franklin tells him to go to Premium Deluxe Motorsport and kill the relative when Joe gets back to Premium Deluxe Motorsport the relative attempts to kill Joe as Simeon told him that Franklin would not give up the car so easily. Already prepared and armed with a Baseball Bat the relative attempts to kill Joe. Joe then gives a message for Simeon by murdering the relative. Rhys tells him that he is stupid to go and kill people 12 hours after arriving.


Drive to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, then Drive to Vinewood Hills, Take Franklin's car back to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, kill the relative Mission Complete.


  • This mission is similar to the GTA V mission "Complications" as it involves Repossessing a Car from another Protagonist's home or personal car, They are also the fourth mission in both games.
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