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Revelations is the first story mode DLC released for Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone. It follows the story of Mark Valve two years after the events of the main game.


The intro cutscene takes place during Danger Zone's final mission. An armed Mark Valve approaches Tommy Montana who had just gunned down Randall Jones in an appartment complex in North Hamilton. After a brief talk with Tommy, they both look out of the window. With a look over the city, Tommy proclaims that they have 'won'. 

Suddenly, Mark tells Tommy that he needs to go somewhere. Without paying full attention, Tommy dismisses him. After leaving the building, Mark recieves a call from somebody, but only answers "I'm coming". He enters his Esperanto, and begins to drive. 

Once he gets there, Mark's destination is revealed. The Harwood Police Station. He approaches the front reception, and asks to meet Chief of Police Gary Bane.

During their conversation, it is revealed that Mark is the informant that caused so much uproar within the Jones Crime Family. Since the death of Johnny Shelton, Gary has been heated that his plan hasn't been going straight. 

Due to the death of many cops and informants over the past year, Gary has decided to place Mark in the witness protection program. He will stay in Vice City. Initially, Mark is unenthusiastic about the idea, but under encouragement from Gary he agrees. 

The screen fades black. "Two Years Later: New Hamilton City 2001" will be shown on the screen. A scene showing a much less lively Mark, sweating with red eyes and tattered clothing stepping out from the airport in Falcon Island. He takes a phone from his pocket and calls for a taxi to pick him up. 

Once Mark gets into the Taxi it drives of and the opening credits will show the difference two years has made to the city. After a long drive, they arive at Mark's old Harwood residence.


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