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Richard Paul Astley (born 6 February 1966 in Newton-le-Willows, Lancashire, England) is a British singer, voice actress and socialite who voices himself as the DJ of LS80s in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Living.


Astley was born on 6 February 1966 in Newton-le-Willows in Lancashire, the fourth child of his family. Rick was a very calm person and told people that they'll stop doing gang wars on callers or commercial breaks on LS80s radio station.

In-Game Persona

Rick was represented as a fan of pop music, fixated of making people cruising with a sedan or get up and dance. It's implied since he might be on a ecstasy as he hosts his favorite radio show. He reminds him of himself (and his favorite audience) to "We're be right back" before commercial breaks, unless they wanted to be right back at any minute.

He is also a presented fan of the game Grand Touring and the Maibatsu Vincent, where he often playing the game or driving his favourite car during commercial breaks. It's also presented as he mentioned The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain where Martin, a protagonist of the movie was cute but he didn't like the movie due to pornography and violent scenes.

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