Note: this is a page of an already canon character in Grand Theft Auto 5, this page just tells the past of this character from an idea from one of the members of Zerolandteam385.

Ricky Ergban appears as a very minor character in Grand Theft Auto 5.



Ricky was born in 1963 in Vice City, his family was an upper-middle class one. From an early age Ricky always wanted to have an adventurous life, so in the age of 43, in 2006, Ricky moved to Liberty City and he became a member of the NOOSE, 3 months later Ricky married an unnamed woman and in 2011 they had 3 children together.

8 months later Ricky left his job as A NOOSE member and he and his family moved to Los Santos. Ricky started to work as a trucker there.

Events of GTA V

Michael told Ricky to help them in their upcoming heist, Ricky agreed as Michael told him that he will give him a cut from the heist. 5 days later Ricky was driving a blue packer when some gauntlets (one driven by Michael) entered the truck's trailer to hide from the police.

After the events of GTA V

When the heist ended Ricky get a cut from the earnings and he bought a car in order to take place in some off-road races. In one of the off-road races that was taking place in Vespucci Beach, Ricky crashed, causing his car to crash in the sea, Ricky, who was now injured, managed to escape his car, a few people on the race called an ambulance, the paramedics took Ricky in the hospital but it's unknown if he managed to survive.

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