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Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Enzo Douglas
Location: Pizza This, Near Pines, Caldwell
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Clients die
Enzo dies
Pizza This Ventoso destroyed
Attacking Open/Close Club security
Eavesdropping on the Kloud Krew for too long
Entering VIP only areas too many times.
Reward: $25
Ability to enter the Open/Close Club at night
Unlocks: Order Six
Unlocked by: Adjustment Issues

Ride-Along missions in the third mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and the first mission given to Tristan Kirby by his brother-in-law Enzo Douglas.


Tristan meets with a colleague of Enzo's and asks where he is only to be met with a not-so-friendly response when the colleague presume he is just here to complain about the Enzo's failure to be on time. After a brief argument about custom service; Tristan learns that Enzo is a delivery man and is failing to deliver the Pizza on time so he calls Enzo and offers to help him.

Enzo accepts and Tristan uses the Ventoso to meet Enzo in Rivertown to deliver some Pizza. Tristan follows Enzo around the area before being instructed to go in the Open/Close Club to serve Pizza to the Kloud Krew members before giving the cash to Enzo and leaving the area.


  • Get on a scooter.

The player is instructed by Enzo to get on a Pizza This Ventoso and meet him in Rivertown.

  • Meet Enzo.

The player must travel to Enzo without letting the Ventoso being destroyed in Rivertown for Enzo's rounds.

  • Follow Enzo and delivery the Pizza's to the Clients.

Enzo tells the player to follow him in order to deliver the Pizza's and go to clients while he is with his clients in order to make the deliveries until they reach the Johnson Drive-River Shore Drive intersection.

  • Go to the Open/Close Club.

Enzo asks the player to complete his rounds by going to the Open/Close Club and serving the clients there while he goes to White Oaks Hill to deliver his last Pizza to Samantha.

  • Leave the Pizza on the table and take the money.

The player is told by the Club security to leave the Pizza on a table upstairs and take the money as a Club security talks with several Kloud Krew gangsters in private while they tell him not to eavesdrop or go in the VIP-only areas.

  • Give the money to Enzo.

Enzo calls the player and tells him to meet him in Pines to end over the money and in doing so completes the mission.


The player is given $25 for completing this mission and access to the Open/Close Club at night. The player is also able to start Order Six for Enzo.