Ken: "Hey dude,you come again"

David: "Whatever,when you wil tell me about the information"

Ken: "Not so fast,I had many works for you. You dont think I bullshiting you right now?"

David: "This better not a fucking bullshit or else you dead right now"

Ken: "You could belive me man. Here a mask,we ain't wasting times with little stores. Time to rob a house"

-David and Ken

Robbing Sammy is the 16th mission of Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist David Hudson from Ken Linton and could only be done during nightime.

Location: Night Wild Street,Ken's apartment,Duin

For: Ken Linton

Rewards: $550

Unlocks: The Game Plan

Unlock by: A Little Flavour

Mission description

David go to Ken's apartment to ask about his brother but is force to rob a house. They go to Lionet Avenueto rob Mr. Sam house. A teacher from Sundale's Highschool who Ken hold a grude too.


Go to Lionet Avenue and climb through the gate of the house to open the gate. Ken drive in and park the van,he order you to go inside while he keep the engine running. You need to be careful in the house,making so much noise will make Mr. Sam to shoot you with a Pump Action Shotgun. Bring out at least 5 valuables things from the house and get out as fast as you can before someone discover you,head back to Ken's apartment and park the van in the garage. He give you the rewards and the mission is complete.


  • Go to Mr. Sam house.
  • Get to the other side and open the gate.
  • Go insde.
  • Bring 5 valuables things to the van without wake up the owner.
  • Get into the van.
  • Get back to the apartement.


David could break into any house by wearing a mask and has a black van. This could only be done during free time and during night. The next mission is also unlock.

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