GTA Carcer City - Rocksnorth Bay
Rocksnorth Bay is an industrial district located in the north-east of Carcer City. Formally known as the Rocksnorth Reservoir, the depleted oil fracking rigs still haunt the now retired industrial harbor on the Carcer City waterfront which has been molded into a de-gentrification of contemptible apartment complexes, homeless shelters, low-income office spaces, and fast food eateries. The district is encompassed by a bay from the north and there is a large docks located in this area.

Rocksnorth Bay is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Carcer City


Rocksnorth Academy


Da Breatherz

Da Breatherz are one of the largest gangs in the district due to the key location of Rocksnorth Academy where the majority of members have come from and are actively recruited.