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Mr. Kingston, please reconsider your offer
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Rodrigo Fernandez
L&S Rodrigo
Biographical information
Full name Rodrigo Fernandez
Nickname(s) Rod
Born 1976 in Colombia (Age 41)
Citizenship Colombian-American
Family Laura Fernandez (sister)
Physical description
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Career information
Occupation Cartel gang member
Affiliations Thomas Kingston
Other information
Appears in L&S MiniLogo
Actor Álvaro Morte (Voice, Likeness, Motion Capture)

Rodrigo Fernandez is a central character in Light & Shadow. A senior cartel member who seek to create his own crime empire.


Rodrigo claimed to be grew up within a cartel family in Colombia during their 80s glory days. He became actives in the gang as a drug dealer and gunman. When the cartel's rivals attack them, almost all of the members killed and Rodrigo was one of the few who survived and escape to other city.

In the city, he started his career as hired gunman and continued to sell drugs. Rodrigo claimed this time as "best and worst moments in his life". Rodrigo claimed to get his business up and down, betrayed in various times by closest persons and later avenge them, and travel around South America for further adventure in criminal career. His backstory has many similarities with the usual Grand Theft Auto protagonists.


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