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Ron'Davious McCarter
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Midnight Heist
Full name: Ron'Davious Armani McCarter
Also known as: Ron'Tavious McCarter

Ronnie (by Lori-Anna, Jazmine, and Bobby)
Ron-Ron (by Trevor)
Lil' Ron (by Franklin)
Kid (by Michael)
My Kitten (by Ruggiero)

Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 22nd, 1993 (age 22)
Place of birth: Los Santos, San Andreas
Home: Vinewood, Los Santos
Nationality: Black American
Family: Kimberly Deniece McCarter (mother, deceased)

Ronald Davis McCarter (father)
Justin Chandler (ex-boyfriend)
Ruggiero Frascatore (boyfriend/fiance)

Main affiliation: Midnight Four

Ruggiero Frascatore

Vehicle(s): Player's choice
Ron'Davious Armani "Ronnie" McCarter (alternate spelling: Ron'Tavious Armani McCarter) is one of the main protagonists of Grand Theft Auto: Midnight Heist and the leader of the hustling Midnight Four gang.


Ronnie is a well built African-American, standing at least 5'10" or 5'11". His hair is usually in sleek faded haircuts and flashes studded earrings made out of real diamonds.

Ronnie isn't into fashion a lot but he is shown to be wearing urban designer clothing, thanks to Ruggerio catering to him after being taken under his wing.

As for the wintertime, he is mostly seen wearing a brown fur bomber jacket and a black newsboy cap.


Ronnie is shown to be serious and rarely smiles before the story began, thanks to all of the painful memories he had endured during his life, such as his father leaving him and his mother's death. Deep inside his heart, he is very lonely and always wanted to be loved by someone in his life. Ronnie is a hard worker, if not having a proper job, then being in the streets where he had hustled throughout his teenage years and isn't afraid to stand up for himself and fight, even if it means it causes his own life.


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