Rosa Chaviano
Rosa Chaviano
Biographical information
Full name Rosa Chaviano
Nickname(s) "Rose"
Born 1992
Citizenship American Citizen
Family Arlo Chaviano (father)
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Height 5'9"
Weight 172 lbs
Career information
Occupation Photographer
Affiliations Chaviano Crime Family
Other information
"Try not to get hurt out there, hun."
―Rosa to Nathan Albright
Rosa Conchita Chaviano is an original character who appears as a side character in Grand Theft Auto: Rush.


Rosa was born in 1992 in the City of New Peachtree, where she continues to live with her wealthy father and mother. She seems to be very caring towards her family, as well as to the word of god.

Events of GTA: Rush

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Personality and Traits

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