Ryan "Poncho" Robison
Ryan Robison
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto : Inception

Grand Theft Auto : Inception - Director's Cut

Also known as: Ryan Robison
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 11/8/1965
Place of birth: East Los Santos
Date of death: 02/7/1994
Home: Los Santos
Nationality: American
Family: Unnamed brother

Sweet (Half-brother)

Main affiliation: CJ (briefly)

Ballas Gang

Vehicle(s): Red Greenwood
Businesses: Drug Dealer

Gang Leader Weapon Traffic

Voiced by: Young Maylay
Ryan Robison (also known as Poncho) is a character from Grand Theft Auto: (?) he is the , he born in East Los Santos in 1965. His mother Carolina Robison, is married with the ex-gang leader, Orlando Clark, who died five days after Ryan was born. He was killed during a gang war.


Throughout the course of the game, Ryan is been shown to be very cocky and quick-witted. He appears to be much more intelligent than other characters in the game who seem to be oblivious to Ryan's constant mocking and sarcastic remarks.

Ryan does not value honor and tradition in the same vein as his Uncle, claiming that "this is 1994 not 1965." However, he is very loyal to his family and his gang, following their orders with little hesitation, even to the point he'd murder other Triads. Ryan acknowledges the fact that he is a "pampered little snot" in the opening cutscene, and he reveals that he has visited Liberty City before where he "caught crabs from a Swiss tourist."

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