Avgust Salen Gavrill
Also known as: Salen Cray
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: May 14th, 1991
Place of birth: Liberty City
Home: Liberty City (Until 20 years of age)

Los Santos

Nationality: American-Russian
Family: Yelena Anzhela (Biological Mother)

Unnamed Father (Biological Father)

Sofia Gavrill (Adopted Mother) Alexei Gavrill (Adopted Father)

Main affiliation: Agence Tout (Formally)

Salen Cray, real name Avgust Salen Anzhela, known as the "Strategist" by several rival street gangs, is an American-Russian, formally the second-in-command of Agence Tout, a street gang known for donning the color red as their symbol. He is widely known for his intelligence for utilizing the gang's operations to benefit Agence's goals, a trait that has made him notorious among its rivals.

Early Life

Salen was born in 1991, in Liberty City from Yelena Anzhela who at the time, was evading loan sharks. Shortly after his birth, he was placed for adoption to avoid being killed and soon Salen was adopted by Sofia and Alexei Gavrill a week after being placed in a foster home. Salen, between the ages of 2 to 17 continued to live in Liberty City, working odd jobs for local gangs that involved drug smuggling and if possible, gun running. His reason to get himself involved with drug trafficking was the result of his adoptive parents poor financial stance, which was only held by Salen's drug trafficking profession. At age 17, Salen was taught how to use a gun by his friend, Frederick Braun, a member of Agence Tout, looking for potential recruits in Liberty City. Frederick accompanied Salen to a drug deal between Salen's affiliated group and the Mafia.

At age 20, Salen had received enough funds to travel to Los Santos in order to find his biological mother, after his adoptive parents were given information on her whereabouts. Salen at first was unwilling to leave his adoptive parents, fearing they will eventually be evicted from their home due to their lack of financial support. Encouraged by Alexei, Salen reluctantly left Liberty City to Los Santos, telling him not be left worried about them.

Time with Agence Tout

Salen was recruited into Agence Tout at the request of his friend, Frederick Braun, who died after his 5 year battle with cancer. Though his time in the gang had only lasted 2 years, he has made the gang achieve significant milestones other gangs could not.

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