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Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
Also known as: Sam
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 08-08-1990
Place of birth: San Fierro
Home: Caldwell
Nationality: American
Family: Tristan Kirby (brother)
Enzo Douglas (Husband)
Vincent Douglas (father-in-law)
Main affiliation: BlueTech (formerly)
Douglas Enterprises (formerly)
FIB (formerly, disavowed)
Weapon(s): Player choice
Vehicle(s): BlueTech Rhapsody (formerly)
Player choice
FIB Cobra (formerly)
Businesses: Computer/electronics saleswoman (formerly)
Modelling (fomerly)
Painting (formerly)
Law Enforcement (formerly)

Samantha Douglas (nee Kirby) is one of the player characters of Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf and the sister of Tristan Kirby, and wife of Enzo Douglas.


Samantha is independent, intelligent, and thorough as seen in Loving Husband when she decides to go through Enzo's files to make sure he has antivirus software or not before going to buy one from her work place as well as being able to install it without assistance.

Samantha also has a strong sense of self; refusing to allow herself to be manipulated by Vincent Douglas even if were to mean she'd go on the run with Cecilia Cassidy. She has a close relationship with her brother and especially her husband.



Samantha joined Douglas Enterprise in 2010 as a model and was given a trial run by Enzo. However, as she continued to pose for the Fashion and Art industry; she was informed by Vincent that someone had been stalking her and shows her evidence of her being followed by an unknown individual and tells that it would be in her best interest to join the Art Department in order to dissuade the stalker.

As a result; she joined the Art Department but eventually would go onto have a relationship with Enzo in 2012 and would marry him a couple of months later. Following that; she was promoted to assistant CFO until learning of Caroline's obsession with Tristan and tries to help him leave her until Tristan decides to leave San Fierro. Enzo and Samantha decide to go with him and they arrive in Caldwell.

Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf

Upon arrival in Caldwell; they head to their new home on Vixen Street and begin their new life as six months pass and Enzo has once again quit his job after failing the adjust to their new life. She helps him get a job at Pizza This before joining BlueTech and helps him with his computer before creating a profile for Tristan on the Swiper dating app with her phone.

Mission appearance

Being one of the player characters she appears in most missions.

Murders committed

Legal Kills

  • Xin Menendez - Killed in order to protect Florence.
  • Ramon Cheng - Killed in order to protect Florence.
  • Deputy Livingston - Killed for attempting to use intimidation tactics on her as well as assaulting her and attempting to kill her.
  • Deputy Archer - Killed for attempting to use intimidation tactics on her as well as assaulting her, speeding, resisting arrest, and police harassment.
  • Shinamaru Gamaruto - Killed in order to protect Cecilia and drawing her weapon on Sam and Cecilia.
  • Pandora - Killed for murdering Angela Bones.

Optional murders


  • In the Owner's continuity; she's the first protagonist to the become a non-corrupt Federal Agent.
    • She is also the first protagonist the gain the ability to commandeer vehicles and use a taser outside missions without getting a wanted level. Meaning that she is the first protagonist to gain an exemption in the law.
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