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San Fierro Triads (New Leaf)
Locations: San Fierro
Leaders: Adedayo Gong
Type: Nigerian-Chinese/African-American-Chinese Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Caroline Bien-Aime
Douglas Enterprises
Affiliations: Tristan Kirby
Colors: Varies
Vehicles: Cobra
Businesses: Protection
Weapons Trafficking/Dealing
Vehicle Trafficking/Dealing
Digital Piracy
Chop shop
Fronts: Gong Laundromat
Members: Adedayo Gong

The San Fierro Triads (also known as the Nigerian Triads or simply just the Triads) are large prominent gang in San Fierro and are long time allies of Tristan Kirby.


The San Fierro Triads largely consist of Nigerian-Chinese or African-American-Chinese members and while they are referred to the San Fierro Triads; they also operate outside their state borders such as in Lincoln. Adedayo Gong become the "mountain master" after his father died and he assumed the mantle as he moved most of the gang to San Fierro from Nigeria and created the San Fierro branch of the Nigerian Triads before absorbing their parent organisation.

As the Nigerian Triads became known as the San Fierro Triads; it's influence was small but was able to reach even Lincoln. Upon moving to San Fierro; Adedayo recruited mainly African-American-Chinese individuals. Upon moving to the US; Adedayo changed his last name to Gong for unknown reasons.


The San Fierro Triads only appear in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf via missions and sometimes are called to assist Tristan and Samantha or they call to help Tristan.


  • Adedayo's father - former Mountain Master
  • Adedayo Gong - current Mountain Master
  • Nasha Gong - Deputy Mountain Master (missing)

Mission appearance