Albert: "You picked the wrong bar, prick!"

Mark: "No... wait! Ever heard of this man? Max Johnson?"

Albert: "Oh, yeah. Been pals since eighty-nine."

Mark: "Twenty-one years ago, Jesus! Anyways, the name's Mark."

Albert: "Name's Albert. Max told me about you. Hey, you should drop by here soon, ya hear? I got some jobs and I'm paying."

―Mark meets bartender Albert.

Searching for Max is the eighteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime.

Unlocks: Trespassing

Unlocked by: Downtown Disorder

Reward: None

Mission Description

Mark drops by Max's apartment to find nobody there, so he searches three places around Flintwood to search for him.


The protagonist visits Max's house to find nobody there and is deserted. Advance towards the kitchen table, and look at the note. It reads, "HE'S LUCKY HE WASN'T HOME".

Run to the garage to find some evidence. All you found is a trail of blood followed by a knife.

Head to Get Wasted Drug Store to find more evidence and go inside. All you found is a yellow sticky note with a smiley face.

Lastly, get to 99 Bottles of Beer Bar. You will bump into Albert the bartender, a long time friend of Max. He says he has heard of Mark and will have jobs for him soon.


  • Walk towards the table.
  • Run to the garage.
  • Max isn't there, head to his drug store.
  • He's not there either, go to the bar.


After completing the mission, you get nothing but you unlock missions for Albert. The next mission Trespassing is unlocked.