Jack: "I have to make a drug deal with the Russian Mafia. Go up the roof, collect the sniper, and be the watchdog, you know?"

Mark: "Cousin, I thought I told you that we were done with that gang. Oh well, whatever can go wrong."

See No Evil is the fourteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Life of Crime. This mission introduces the player on how to control the sniper rifle.

Unlocks: Grand Theft Painting

Unlocked by: Street Rage

Reward: 10 bags of cocaine

Mission Description

Mark must watch over a drug deal with Jack and the Russian Mafia with a sniper rifle to make sure nothing goes wrong with them.


Go to the apartment building at Pineville and climb up the ladder. Collect the sniper rifle and head to the corner, and watch the meeting. Aim the rifle and wait until the Russians start attacking. Snipe all of the gangsters until more come for backup.

The last gangster is going to escape the fight via car, so eliminate him. Mission Complete.


  • Go to the apartment building.
  • Climb up the ladder.
  • Collect the sniper rifle.
  • Go to the corner.
  • Watch the deal via sniper rifle.
  • Kill the gangsters and protect Jack.
  • Don't let the last gangster get away and try to kill him.
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