Shadow Identity
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Revenge
Leader: Sean Lee
Type: Private Security
Organised Crime
Enemies: Evan Miller
Marcus Smith
Vehicles: Most vehicles at their disposal or P-996 Lazer, Buzzard or Dilettante
Weapons: Any weapons at their disposal.
Businesses: Private Security
Organised Crime
Fronts: San Fierro
Members: Sean Lee (Leader),
Unnamed Henchmen

Shadow Identity is an Organized Crime group featured in Grand Theft Auto: --- and briefly mentioned in many GTA games.


Not much information on Shadow Identity exists. It is known that they are extremely difficult to trace. The organization is virtually a ghost.

People killed by Shadow Identity

Ryan Jericho

Tom Jericho

Role in Grand Theft Auto

Shadow Identity played a big role in ---, but the organization's name has been mentioned in many GTA games.

They were the reason behind the San Fierro Lockdown.