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Shocking Produce
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Cecilia Cassidy
Location: CyberCrime Division Office near Brimstone Avenue, Charming, Johnston County
Target: Cyber-terrorist
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Gaining a wanted level
Killing innocents or the Cyber-Terrorist's guards
Killing the Cyber-Terrorist
Reward: $4000
A FIB Cobra as a personal vehicle for Sam
Unlocks: Flight 679
Unlocked by: Crew Not Expendable

Shocking Produce is a mission Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given by Cecilia Cassidy to Samantha Douglas.


Samantha enters Cecilia's office and explains to her that she helped the FIB catch a dangerous terrorists and that she'll help them catch another. She explains that a farm south of Speedrun is suspected of being the home to a Cyber-Terrorist responsible for the attack on the Stock Exchange and explains that the government has a kill or capture warrant for the terrorist; but she prefers that the terrorist be brought to justice and not killed. She walks Sam out of the building and walks her over to a car; a FIB Cobra. She tells Sam that the car is now her to use and leaves Sam as she goes back to the office.

Sam heads off to the Farm and observes the guards movements before sneaking through the farm and neutralising the guards before getting in the suspect's house. She looks through out the house but is unable to find the suspect, but notices the barn open. She goes over to the barn and finds it filled with computers, and electronic equipment. She's captured by some of the guards and brought before the Cyber-Terrorist reveals herself to be; Erin Saxon - the former Deputy Mayor of Charming. She is about kill; Sam but are squad of FIB agents storm the barn and neutralise the guards while Sam takes down Erin.

Cecilia decides to introduce her to the Lieutenant Governor at the secondary Executive House in Fox before telling her that they moving the operations to Vete de Aquí. Sam drives up to Audrey's office and she meets with two.


  • Go to the suspect's farm.
  • Knock out the guards.
  • Enter the suspect's house.
  • Search the house.
  • Exit the house.
  • Go to the barn.
  • Tase Erin!
  • Go to the Executive House.


Following this mission; Samantha receives $4000 as monetary reward and gains a new personal vehicle while the next mission is unlocked and can be started in Vete de Aquí.