Show's Over
Vital statistics
Game North Yankton Stories
For Tommy Bell
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards 500 000$
Protagonist(s) Tommy Bell
Previous Next
Punishment None

Show's Over is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: North Yankton Stories, given by protagonist Tommy Bell to himself.


Tommy has destroyed Felipe Hocker's collection of valuable vehicles, and now knows he's somewhere in the building work stage chemical plant. Tommy arms himself and sets to get revenge on Hocker for trying to get away without paying for the cars Tommy and Daniel Drebin stole for him.

The plant and Hocker are protected by Wayne Heron gang and some mysterious hitmen. Tommy takes out everyone on his way before confronting Hocker.

Tommy: "You're leaving this building only in a body bag, Felipe."
Felipe: "Do you have any idea how melodramatic that sound? I've destroyed numerous men like you, Tommy! Hired them, lied to them, put them against each other and stiffed! But you were too damn smart! I underestimated you! Why couldn't you be as pathetic like your pals? Why did you had to be an exception!?"
―Tommy confronts Hocker

Hocker escapes, making his way through the plant to the rooftop. Tommy catches on him at the helipad.

"Do it then, kill me! Do it, and I will be remembered as a martyr, and my people will come after you. But go ahead.. Everyone dies anyways. I a lot sooner... YOU a bit later.."
―Felipe Hocker

Tommy approaches Hocker, who he kills without resistance. Realizing the entire plant might be in lockdown by now, Tommy takes Hocker's helicopter to leave the area.

Tommy flies to his store where he meets Billy. The two sit on the stairs, drink and watch the sunset.

Billy: "So... Everything is sorted out now? Life in Ludendorff has returned back to normal?"
Tommy: "More or less. When has this town been "normal" anyway?"
―The End


Weasel News report that after the mysterious death of Felipe Hocker, his company, Hocker Buildings Inc., has been sold for the government by his son.

Tommy can hang out with Nikki and Billy again. 

NightHawk members start roaming around Ludendorff.

Post-Mission Phone calls

Phone Call 1

  • Nikki: Tommy, hey.
  • Tommy: Ey, Sweetheart.
  • Nikki: I just wanted ask.. how are you?
  • Tommy: I'm alright. You? Got over Klaus yet?
  • Nikki: I'm not sure. We can hang if you want, though.
  • Tommy: Of course. I call you. See you soon.

Phone Call 2

  • Daniel: Tom.
  • Tommy: Dan. Hocker is dead.
  • Daniel: Uh huh. Good, I guess.
  • Tommy: He had it coming.
  • Daniel: Me and the rest of the family are going to Los Santos soon.
  • Tommy: Very well.
  • Daniel: Don't know if we're gonna come back.
  • Tommy: Sure thing.
  • Daniel: Look after yourself, Tom.
  • Tommy: You too, Danny.


  • Go to the Chemical plant
  • Find a way in
  • Find Hocker - Take down everyone on your way
  • Chase Hocker
  • Go to the roof
  • Kill Felipe Hocker
  • Get in the Chopper
  • Go to Tommy's store


The reward for completing the mission is 500 000$. 

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