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Sibling Dramas
Game: Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf
For: Vincent Douglas
Location: Twine Heights, Caldwell
Target: Tristan Kirby
Conditions of mission failure: Wasted
Tristan dies
Reward: $4000
Unlocks: Spouse Slander
Unlocked by: Invisible Enemy

Sibling Dramas is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: New Leaf given to Samantha Douglas by Vincent Douglas.


Vincent tells Samantha that one of his emails came from Tristan's email and tells her that he is part of the blackmail. If telling her that Tristan didn't tell her that he was in town or the reason for Enzo quitting his job. He further adds fuel to fire by telling her that he was the one that order Tristan to kill Avery - her friend and let her believe that it was Sam's ex. She tells him that the hit was because he thought Avery was stealing designs from Vincent to which Vincent confirms that was the reason.

Samantha goes off to confront Tristan and while he confirms that he killed Avery and even shows her evidence of Avery stealing designs from Douglas Enterprises - Tristan denies the blackmail. He even shows his email and deleted section. Samantha uses her expertise to track the IP Address of the email and it doesn't come from Tristan's email.

Samantha angrily berates Vincent for give her bad information and tells her that he got it wrong again and tells her to return so they can fixed the situation.


  • Go to Heather's apartment.

Once the player gains control of Samantha after the cutscene they'll have to go to Heather's apartment after calling Tristan about his location.

  • Confront Tristan.

The player will have to confront Tristan while his playing Righteous Slaughter on his EXsorbeo 720 and result in a cutscene of the two arguing over the death of Avery as he explains his side of the story until he proves his side of the story and offers her to look through is email.

  • Leave Heather's apartment.

After the cutscene the player leaves the apartment where Samantha will call Vincent to berate him for getting wrong again and tells him to get it right next.


Samantha will receive $4000 following the mission's completion and will be able to start the next mission.