The following is the list of the Side Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice Strips

Vice Taxi

  • Taxi Driver: Pick up a person and take him/her to the designated location in 1 minute.


  • Paramedic: Pick up a sick person and take him/her to the hospital in 1 minute


  • Vigilante: Eliminate all threats within 2 minutes.

The Well Snacked Pizza Co.

  • Pizza Boy: Deliver pizza to persons in Vice City using a drive-by throwing within 2 minutes

Beach Sand Track

  • RC Playground: Complete around 2 laps using RC Bandit and win the first place.

Hyman Memorial Stadium

  • Dirtring: Reach a total of 32 checkpoints to finish the side mission.

Vice City Shooting Range

  • Target Shoot: Get at least 31 points while shooting targets within the time limit.

Vice Beach

  • Banana Boat: Shoot all of the enemy's boat using a drive by shooting within 2 minutes (Exclusive to The Paradise DLC)
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