This is the list of side missions featured in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill.

Strangers and Freaks

Strangers and Freaks are minor characters found around Los Santos and Blaine County who provide Miklos with small storylines and missions when approached.

Donal Todd

Miklos meets barber Donal at Little Seoul. Donal has accidentally killed a woman and hires Miklos to get rid of it.

  • Accidents Will Happen: Get rid of the body for Donal.
  • Running With Scissors: Donal has killed again. A couple more bodies need to be taken care of. Donal asks Miklos to drive him and the bodies to Murrieta Heights. 

Frank Siff

Frank is a secret agent, or at least he claims to be. He's on a top secret mission, but needs Miklos' help.

Sir Ray

Sir Ray, first appearing in North Yankton Stories, has made his way to Sandy Shores, where he hopes he'll find a dragon to slay.

  • There Be Dragons: Go interrogate "local yokels" about the whereabouts of the dragon.
  • Dragon Hunt: Steal a notebook for Ray, that according to him contains information on the dragon.
  • Dragon Slayers: Help Ray slay the dragon.

Donald Percival's Assassinations

Miklos can call Donald Percival, the founder of Merryweather Securities, who gives him assassination missions.

  • Assassination Vol 1.: Assassinate a lawyer.
  • Assassination Vol 2.: Assassinate a journalist.
  • Assassination Vol 3.: Assassinate a cop.
  • Assassination Vol 4.: Assassinate a crime lord.


Lost Merryweather Cargo

Seth Shillis, a very annoying person Miklos met in Merryweather, informs him that someone has stolen a bunch of Merryweather loot containing the parts of a new weapon. Miklos must find all the parts for Seth in order to unlock this weapon.

Spray Tags

Miklos grabs a spray can and sprays the logo of Lipton Gang in 50 places around Los Santos and Blaine County.

Garbage Trucks

Frosya Khachaturian,  Alan Nazarian's niece, a conspiracy theorist, wants Miklos to destroy 20 garbage trucks around Los Santos, because she believes aliens are analyzing the human race via their trash.

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