"If we need to say goodbye to all of our brothers, then imagine me spiting out Arabic words that make you emotional." -Silas Iram

Silas Iram
Silas Iram
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Guns of The Night
Also known as: Sy
Akhmed Jaffaz
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Date of birth: September 18, 1976 (age 42)
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Home: North Yankton
Nationality: Syrian
Family: Yousif Iram (father)
Ella Tajezam-Iram (mother)
Haffaz Iram (brother)
Main affiliation: SAOS (Syrian Acolytes Of Society)
Vehicle(s): Ingot

Bobcat XL

Voiced by: Sacha Baron Cohen

Silas Abdullah Iram is a middle eastern terrorist, hacker and soldier of SAOS (Syrian Acolytes Of Society) and is one of the main characters of Grand Theft Auto: Guns of the Night and is voiced and motion captured by Sacha Baron Cohen. Out of all of the main characters, he is the only character who is portrayed as an anti-hero (due to him being a terrorist and a main character at the same time).

Silas' goal along with his group is world domination. However, Silas has affection for some of the countries. When they go to America to North Yankton, they pull a heist on one of the most famous banks in the US. Silas' life is wanted by the government, but Silas' is trying to make a truce with them.

Early Life

Silas was born on September 18, 1976 to veteran soldier Yousif Iram and bakery chef Ella Taejzam-Iram. He has a younger fraternal twin brother named Haffaz. Silas' religion is of Muslim beliefs.

Silas grew up in a middle class family and was one of the most popular kids at his school. Silas was a troublemaker at a young age and became a delinquent for the next 13 years. Silas was arrested at the age of 17 and served 6 years in jail. After he was released after 6 painful years, he joined SAOS (Syrian Acolytes of Society) and made new friends: Bartholomew, Levi, Noah and Zachariah. Silas was a good mathematician and new how to make weapons by length and width. He was useful for the group.

In the late 90's, he moved to America in North Yankton along with half of SAOS. One of his friends died escaping jail. Silas vowed revenge and assassinated the officer that killed his friend.

Life Today

Silas is struggling to whether he should dominate the world or keep it to peace. However, he still has the troublemaker personality in him. Silas has robbed 57 banks so far in the US. He has crossed paths with Lucas Shaw (who he would ultimately team up with in the last storyline after the player completes the first 10 storylines).


He is simply tough, disrespectful, kind and witty.


  • Silas is 6'4''
  • Silas was good in Math and Science.
  • Silas is not interested in having children.
  • Silas likes listening to rock songs.
  • Silas has bombed a building in Europe before.
  • Silas has a half a heart for the USA.