Silence Mr. Jones
Vital statistics
Game Grand Theft Auto: Revenge
For Tom Jericho
Location Del Perro Pier, Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure The target got away!
You spooked the target!
Rewards None
Protagonist(s) James Morgan
Previous Next
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Silence Mr. Jones is the --- mission in Grand Theft Auto: Revenge given to James Morgan by Tom Jericho.

Post Mission Phone Call

Tom: I saw it on the news, fucking brutal kid, anyways come meet me in Sundale

James: What for?

Tom: I got a big job for you

James: Sure.


  • Head to the pier

After the cutscene the player has to drive to the pier in the custom Revolter

  • Waste time

The target hasn't arrived to the pier yet, so James has to waste time

  • Wait for the target

The target (Bryan) has arrived for the meet, the player must wait for the targets to meet before he eliminates them

Silence Mr

Silence Mr. Jones

Turn on Subtitles!

  • Kill the targets

James will pull out a switchblade and stab Alan Ramirez

  • Chase Bryan

Bryan got spooked and runs away, James chases after him and beats him to death with a Pipe Wrench

  • Escape the cops!

The player has to escape the cops

  • Torch the car

James gets a jerry can out of the trunk and the player has to torch the car.